Minty Jungle Throwback Thursday Styles !

Everyone loves to go a little vintage every now and then, so we decided, why not take a trip in the time capsule and make a post about it? Minty Jungle is filled with vintage-inspired styles, so we wanted to show our favorites! Click on the picture to shop your favorite style!!!

1. Paisley Print


Ahh, the classic paisley print. Not everyone can rock this style, however those that do can rock it with that hippie chic swag (did we just make up our own slang there?). We absolutely love that Woodstock vibe!

2. The Moto Jacket


Well who doesn’t love a classic moto jacket? James Dean, Elvis Presley and Johnny Depp have all rocked this old-school style! Personally speaking, everyone should own AT LEAST one of these bad boys. A fashionista like you can never have too many leather goodies!

3. Denim Overalls


Take me back to the 90’s!!!!!!!! Seriously, those were the good old days were senseless fashion was IT FASHION! Who could forget those classic denim overalls?? :D :D :D Everyone from Britney Spears to TLC to Destiny’s Child wore this style shamelessly, and I have to proudly say, a true Minty Muse would still wear one!!

4. Tie Dye


I bet you guys didn’t know this, but tie dye was not originated by hippies! It actually goes way back to roots from India and Japan. However, tie dye was brought to America during the psychedelic 60’s. This form of expression represented sexual revolution, psychedelic rock, and the Vietnam War. Now tie dye represents a classic fashion statement…. Would you wear this funky form of representation?

5. 1960’s Silhouettes


While the 60’s had a crazy revolution and crazy movements, there were still some gals out there who dressed very preppy and very polished. Gals such as Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, and Edie Sedgewick were in the middle of that mod look. Now-a-days I would say anyone can rock this classic style!


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