Traveling on a Budget: Top 5 West Coast Road Tripping Spots

I’m pretty sure most of us can agree on the fact that adventures are the best ways to spend free time. So why not go on some every once a while? Traveling not only expands your mind, culture views, and perspectives, but it’s also a nice palate change from your typical routine. So, because we know traveling ain’t cheap, the Minty team decided to do some research on cool travel spots for those of us on a bit of a budget!

As far as accommodations, we personally prefer to go with quaint and simple rather than huge lavish hotels. If that’s the case with you too, make sure to check out where they have private homes to rent at great prices! If you want to go for the full traveler’s experience, you can try out which has amazingly low prices. This option, however, gives you more of a dorm experience.

Now that we’ve given you a couple of  accommodation options, let’s move on to our top 5 places to visit in the good old California West Coast!

1. Santa Barbara

So whats cool about Santa Barbara aside from the beaches the shopping and the wine? Lately, this little city’s art community has been creating a lot of noise! There’s a full list of activities including art festivals, water sports, food, and shopping. Check out the full deets HERE!


2. San Francisco

San Francisco has been a popular mini mecca for a while now. Here are some cool examples of what to do in this hip city: Take a walk up to the Golden Gate Bridge, try the famous dumplings at Yank Sing, ride a historic cable car, try a a burrito from the Mission District, take a night tour of Alcatraz Island, explore the country’s largest Chinatown, or climb a secret stairway! We know that some of these ideas sound pretty strange, but click on the links to learn more. We promise you’ll be in for some good cheap fun!


3.Las Vegas

Vegas on a budget sounds almost impossible, BUT we do have some pretty good tips on how to keep this trip from emptying your pockets. First of all: FOOD. Most restaurants in Vegas stop serving food at around 10:30 pm and turn strictly into bars. But since a lot of those famous Vegas shows are over by that time, and tons of people are getting out, some restaurants have what they call “reverse happy hour” where they serve appetizers and drinks. Make sure to check out to find all the inside scoop deals! We know that drinking in Vegas can get crazy expensive, so if you’re feeling super thrifty, try sitting down at the penny slots at a casino where you can get a drink for free. Make sure to play slow, drink fast, and tip your server well!


4. Palm Springs

Most of you might know Palm Springs as an old retirement area, but as of late, this city has become a haven for young people to have tons of fun in the sun! You can do a vast range of free activities such as going for a hike, walk the local art walks, and visit the Native American museum, and most of all– GO TO POOL PARTIES! Click HERE for a full list of fun stuff to do in Palm Springs!



5. San Diego

Ah…. one of America’s finest. What can’t you do in San Diego? The vibe is extremely chill, and the people even more so! How could you not fall in love with this city? Some must-see places include any of the city’s ocean beach cliffs. Every Wednesday, local farmer’s market take over all of Newport Ave. to sell their home made goodies that won’t price you out. For a cool nightlife scene, make sure you go to the Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego. And when you need something to cure your full night of partying, brunch along Seaport Village is another cool stop! If you are feeling a little edgy and adventurous make sure top stop by at Black’s Beach in La Jolla– the only legal nude beach around XD





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