Nail your next outfit with NcLA Accessories

The perfect addition to any outfit is a set of amazingly manicured nails! Don’t we all agree, ladies? Our hands do so much for us and they’re constantly working so they def deserve to get pampered every now and then. Get your shine on and add a touch of color or dramatic flair to any outfit. Go classic with the perfect polish or try some fun and easy-to-use nail wraps from NcLA! Check out our selection in the Minty Jungle to bring some pizzaz to your hands ;)

Summer Bucket List: Music Festivals

Ahh, the beautiful hot days of Summer. What’s a better way to enjoy it than jammin’ to your favorite tunes and roaming around a crowd full of good vibes? We’re sure that attending the hottest music festivals of 2015 had made it near the top of your guys’ summer bucket lists. Here’s a fun little info-graphic to shed a little light on what your fellow festival-goers are thinking ;)


Minty Muse: LA Fashion Blogger Rubilove

We’re just a little, well actually A LOT in love with Rubi Ortiz‘s style! This stylish fashionista has a bohemian flair that reminds us of summer, fun, music concerts, and festivals. We wish we could steal her wardrobe! Check out how she perfectly styled our Sheer Heaven Floral Kimono with a plain tee, shorts, knee high brown boots, and the perfect accessories.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 3.10.36 PM

Japanese Candy Mystery Box

We get a little bored here at the Minty Jungle with just Snickers, Reeses, Skittles, and all of that basic grocery store candy selection. Our taste buds cry out for something a little more exciting, daring, and wacky! Damn those pesky taste buds– we had no choice but to give in to them! Maybe you guys have already noticed a little mysterious item on our site? It’s the Japanese Candy Mystery Box! One order of this box comes with three randomly selected packs of explosive flavor and fun shapes and sizes for your delight. We did some taste testing in the Minty Jungle kitchen and we found some funky flavors and textures such as soda, milky, cream, fizzy, etc. Live a little and try some delicacies that can’t be found at your local grocery store ;)

Minty Muse: Fashion Blogger Savannah Kneale From Los Angeles

We’re pretty sure that our newest Minty Muse, Savannah, is secretly a real life unicorn. She hails from the sunny land of Los Angeles and you can find her decked out in the cutest outfits and accessories pretty much 24/7 ;) Her style is full of fun, fashion, and color! A little bit of a pin-up vibe mixed with girly kawaii pastels. Check out how she styled our Motel Joni Checkered Jumpsuit and find some more colorful fashion inspo on her Insta here!




Smile More Often


Smiling can boost your mood, relieve stress, and help improve your immune system. It even contributes to a whole multitude of positive effects on you and your body. We should all smile more! Just for shitz and giggles, we wanted to share some fun links we found while browsing our wondrous world wide web.

  1. Funny Things That Has Happened At School
  2. Badass Bill Murray
  3. Growing Up
  4. When Shit Hits The Fan
  5. Not Your Average Pets

Hope we made your day a little brighter! :D

Minty Muse: Alice Rudegirrl Blogger From Hawaii

Alice, also known as @rudegirrl, is the perfect Minty Muse for our Simply Rude Tee. She’s located in the beautiful tropical Island of Hawaii. She’s fierce, fabulous, and fun! We adore her ever-changing pastel locks of cool shades of blue, grey, and purple. She also has an adorable pure white kitty that you can find popping up throughout her Instagram page every now and then ;) Don’t forget to check out this adorable duo now!

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.19.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.18.53 PM