‘FourFiveSeconds’ Music Video Release


It’s here! The release of musicΒ video for FourFiveSeconds is finally here, and we have to say.. We love it! Simple and fashionable, this star-studded music video features Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, and denim! All three artists are seen rocking rad denim jackets and jeans. Rihanna states that going with the all-denim look was an artistic decision made by none other than Mr. Kanye West. “Kanye came up with the idea of just doing some real street, denim, all-American type look,” said RiRi. “Denim never goes out of style. It’s classic, it’s iconic, just like the fucking Beatles.” We completely, agree!

Don’t forget to watch the trio perform this catchy track at the 57th annual Grammy Awards on February 8th! In the meantime, you MUST check out the music video below! Tell us what you think!

Project Mermaids

Project Mermaids

In the land of the good earth, we couldn’t help but maybe wish for some mystical creatures to exist. A creature that shows up today in popular culture would be none other than what Ariel, our favorite redheaded Disney character represent. You guessed it! Mermaids!

We now have proof of their existence! But shh! It’s top secret! We got invited to the Project Mermaids Cocktail Party a few weeks ago and we wanted to show you guys a little peek of the event.

But first let’s explain a little bit about Project Mermaids. It was started in 2012 by fashion photographer Angelina Venturella and underwater photographer Chiara Salomoni to raise awareness to our beautiful beaches and oceans. They create beautiful artwork by photographing celebrities and models in mermaid form and 50% of the proceeds are donated to the Save Our Beach Foundation. Find out a little more info on them and their growing success on projectmermaids.com

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