Smile More Often


Smiling can boost your mood, relieve stress, and help improve your immune system. It even contributes to a whole multitude of positive effects on you and your body. We should all smile more! Just for shitz and giggles, we wanted to share some fun links we found while browsing our wondrous world wide web.

  1. Funny Things That Has Happened At School
  2. Badass Bill Murray
  3. Growing Up
  4. When Shit Hits The Fan
  5. Not Your Average Pets

Hope we made your day a little brighter! :D

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Ahh.. the popular saying “When life gives you lemons…” What do you do when you hear it? It’s Summer! Channel your younger self and make some lemonade, duh! Well.. not everybody likes lemonade., so here’s a couple of other ideas to use your new found lemons.

1. Lemons are a great natural bleach for getting yellow stains out! If you love to get those nails done, but hate what the polishes and other chemicals do to your nails, we def understand the struggle. The next time you feel like going au naturel, soak your nails in a mixture of warm water and lemon, rinse well, and live ya life, girlfriend!

2. Refresh your cutting boards – Throw some salt on to your cutting board and rub it with lemon. Rinse off, and you’re good to go. It’s a big “F U” to salmonella!

3. Take this advice:

4. And this advice:

5. Don’t forget about this meme!


Now get outta here and squeeze out as much worth as you can from those lemons of yours!

Travel Tuesdays: Hot Air Balloons Rides In The Los Angeles Area

I’m sure you guys have all looked up at the big blue sky and wondered what it’s like to drift amongst the clouds. What’s it like to get a bird’s eye view of the lush landscape and our concrete jungle below? Our team here at the Minty Jungle has agreed that a hot air balloon is a definite must on our bucket list! It’s an exploration of our earth’s surface filled with a feeling of adventure, wanderlust, and maybe even a little bit of romance. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t for the faint of heart with a fear of heights. But we would totally recommend facing those fears to get a breathtaking view of the land we live on!

We did a bit of research, and found that pricing ranges roughly around $150 for a ride per person. Here are some links for you guys to check out in the greater Los Angeles Area:

All of these websites look great, BUT we’ll let you guys in on a little secret on how to get this amazing experience without breaking the bank!

The Orange County Great Park hosts affordable rides on Thursdays through Sundays. It costs $10 per person to hitch a ride on one of their iconic Great Park Balloons! Make sure to check out their sweet deals on package pricing.

Now, if you’re going to be a cheeseball and do a marriage proposal on the ride, we suggest any of the first few options because you can’t put a price on love!

So head on over to the Minty Jungle to pick the perfect outfit for your sky high date. Then, text your loved ones to make this rad date idea come to fruition. Stay fly and get high! ;P

‘FourFiveSeconds’ Music Video Release


It’s here! The release of music video for FourFiveSeconds is finally here, and we have to say.. We love it! Simple and fashionable, this star-studded music video features Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, and denim! All three artists are seen rocking rad denim jackets and jeans. Rihanna states that going with the all-denim look was an artistic decision made by none other than Mr. Kanye West. “Kanye came up with the idea of just doing some real street, denim, all-American type look,” said RiRi. “Denim never goes out of style. It’s classic, it’s iconic, just like the fucking Beatles.” We completely, agree!

Don’t forget to watch the trio perform this catchy track at the 57th annual Grammy Awards on February 8th! In the meantime, you MUST check out the music video below! Tell us what you think!

Minty Fresh Arrivals: #Mintimates

“What are #Mintimates?” you might ask. Minty Jungle intimates, duh!! They’re our newest sweet and sexy goodies in the Minty Jungle that are calling your name! Whether you’re looking for the perfect V-day piece to show off to your boo, or you’re simply looking to treat yourself this holiday, we’ve got the perfect pieces for you! This mix of delicate tops and dresses is just what this time of the year is all about. Take a peak at our newest arrivals to see how we styled these slinky little garments!

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Style Steals Starting Today!


Happy Thursday to ya, peeps!!

We’ve got some awesome news to share with you all! We know how much everyone loves a good deal every now and then, so today we’re launching our new “Weekly Deals” section!

Here’s a sneak peak of styles that’ll be available to snag for one week, and one week only!!





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