DIY: Corkboard World Map

Calling all Wanderlust lovers! This DIY project is perfect for you to keep track of all the places you’ve been to and for all the places  you plan on visiting. It’s just the right decor for any travel fiend’s room. This DIY is totally affordable, which means you’ll have some money to save for your next trip ;)

-Wall safe adhesive (double sided tape, stickies)
-Scrap booking paper (optional for flags)
-Cutting board
-X-acto knife
-Map image (Give this one a try!)
-Wire cutters (optional for flags)
-Glue gun (optional for flags)
-Sharpie (optional for flags)

1. Print your map
You may or may not want to adjust the size of your map ( is a great website to enlarge it).

2. Tape the printed copy of your map to a piece of cork
Make sure that your cork is large enough to fit the entire map. If you don’t have a large enough piece, try gluing pieces together before matching the paper up to the cork.

3. Take your x-acto knife and start cutting out that map of yours!
If some continents are on different papers make sure it is connected on the cork board so that when you cut it, its one whole continent (when you cut, try to keep track of which little island belongs where — unfortunately, it’s easy to get those little guys mixed up or lost).

4. Place double sided tape on the back side of your finished pieces
It might be easier for you to lay out the continents in the right order before putting the double sided tape on. When you’re ready to tape the map on the wall you’ll have it in the right order (:

5. Tape your map onto your wall

6. Create your flags:
– Grab some scrap paper and cut it into small strips
– Take some pins and cut em with the wire cutter to the length you’d personally like
– Get a long strip of scrap and place the pin in the middle. Fold the strip in half and hot glue gun it together
Your pins are all ready for you to write all the places you been and place it in the right spot on the map. You can even get creative by color coding your scraps with the different places you been and places you want to go!

Get creative with this DIY and make this map your own :)

Top Gifts For the Minty Party Girl

The holidays are approaching and everyone is breaking their heads in what gifts to get! Well we’ve researched the top gifting sweets for any girl who likes to dress up go out and party!!


The cocktail recipe book with a literary twist!



This cute little cocktail book features all the ingredients you need for recipe drinks, however instead of using your typical drink names, this scriptures feature the names of famous literary stories into the recipes! cute right ? get it HERE!

Comic Coasters

So these delightful coasters will definitely charm all your guests :P every single one of these dollies has a very polite phrase for every one of your guests check them out HERE !

DIY Apple Chips

apple chipsapplechips3

Surely everyone out there loves DIYs…. well here is a perfect one for the holidays and perfect to bring as a gift to any party!

You will need :

  • 2 apples
  • Cinnamon

1. slice up your apples, they all need to be pretty much the same size or close to it!
2. you can cut out the cores as an optional step
3. Sparkle cinnamon and rub it into the apples
4. place your apples in a baking sheet in a 190 degree oven and let them bake for 3-6 hrs! (since thats a broad range of time test them out every hr to see how thick they are!)

Yummy Lip Balm

lip_20balm---1_original copy

During the cold weather it is very important to keep your lips hydrated and what a better way with a yummy lip balm! Try these Hershey lip balms!

Hangover Prevention Brews

Hangover Prevention BrewsYes…. Youce read correctly, there is a cure for hangover ! I wish I wouldve known when I was in college :/ Anyways, i’m glad I know it know. This brew is aimed to prevent the hangover before you even start drinking. What this marvelous product does is break up the acetaldehyde–a toxic bi-product of alcohol (not sure what all of this means, but this is the s@#$% thats gives you headaches) having that said…. you drink this and you dont have any more headaches or other outcomes of too much alchocol, yay!!! Shop for MERCY HERE

The Ultimate Tequila Set

Refined Party-Starting Shooters

You know the party gets good when there is tequila involved, better yet a pretty tequila set. This fancy shot glasss set comes with 6 shot glasses and a small tray for limes and salt. You can now impress your party guests by having  the whole thing prepared as they arrive ! Get the tequila set HERE!

Diamonds are forever cross body bag


The diamonds are forever cross-body bag, this lovely item was featurned in as one of the top gifts to give ! If its good for them, its good for us !! Get it HERE

W For Westside Pullover Sweater


This cute style is one of our winter faves! Why? you might ask? Well not only it has a cool graphic all throughout but also the length in this makes it perfect to wear as a sweater dress or as a sweater top ! You can also dress it up by wearing some stockings  and heels or dress it down with a beanie and some combat boots ! Get this style HERE !

Poison Ivy Sequin T-Shirt Dress


Our Poison Ivy T-shirt Dress is definitely a popular choice no-a-days….. IDK if its the sequins all throughout, the simple T-shirt silhouette, or the perfect length that makes this a perfect holiday party dress! Get it now HERE !