Minty Muse: Fashionista Megoosta

In need of some fashion inspo lately? Check out our newest Minty Muse, @Megoosta! Ms. Huiying has definitely gotten her style down to a T. She both models and lays out styled outfits. Her style is girly and simple, which makes it easy for people to recreate her fun looks. Check out how she styled our Secret Garden Floral Dropback Dress with a light cardigan, cute bucket bag, and some sunnies. Her outfit is perfect for these hot summer days we’re in the midst of. Make sure you check out her lovely Instagram account for more cute outfit ideas ;)

PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage1

Essy Noir x Minty Jungle

If you haven’t heard of this super cutie, you should be ashamed of yourself! Meet Essy, an LA-based fashion blogger who travels to and from Tokyo! We absolutely love this Minty Muse. We just adore everything from her hair to her fashion sense– talk about perfection! This 20 year old little fashionista knows how to wear her stuff right :D :D :D. We love her mix and match of sporty and girly. Check out her blog post and outfit HERE!

Essy is wearing our Floral Gridline Collared Crop Top. Get it ASAP HERE!



Minty Muse Monday : I hate Blonde

Greetings to all minty muses out there! Today we decided to share a style from a very special gal: Rachel Lynch, you all might know her as her alias IhateBlonde

Check out the pics from one of her latest posts, this lovely minty muse and blogger is wearing the Adios Hooded Crop Sweatshirt and Sweat it off Adios Jogger Pants!

I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde

Photos by Brittany Taylor

Becky G For Kode Magazine

One of our fave Minty Muses out there was just featured in Kode Magazine sporting some Minty Jungle threads! Of course it was the one and only Becky G! This young celeb is definitely on the rise with her quirky street style and fun musical sound. We’re def proud to see her rock some of our favorite pieces!

Check out this edgy urban spread styled by the incredibly talented Joey Thao.

Kode 3 - Covers1



Sparkly Sport Cropped Tee in Gold

Batter Up Bralette


How to Spot a #MintyMuse in the Wild


There is this cute little coffee shop that I like to frequent on my way into work (The Minty Jungle) off of Spring St. and 4th in downtown. I have been coming to this place for about six months now and have been noticing this stylish barista bae that always serves up my cappuccino with some cute foam art.  Each time I went in there, I would  notice how spot on her outfits were and how she so effortlessly mixed and matched her fashion.  One day it was a rocker chic outfit with a twist of preppy, the next it was hentai-kawaii infused with innocent office lady, and so on and so on.

On one particular day, it seemed like she hadn’t slept all night (probably due to the Disclosure show the night before) and came in with what appeared to be a plaid bathrobe matched with some track pants that she amazingly and effortlessly pulled off like a page ripped out of the latest Nylon Japan Magazine!  “This is the last straw!”, I thought to myself.  I must investigate what powers this creature possessed that gave her this incredible ability to take any fashion pallet and create outfits that were fresh and wild, but most importantly HERS!  So thus, I began my documentation and study of this newly found species.  As I would sit in the coffee shop, I would feign as if I was checking my Instagram feed, when in fact (like a slick stalker), I would be secretly snapping shots of her epic outfits.  To take things to a more disturbing level, I began to post these pics and hashtag what naturally came to mind… #MintyMuse.

Yes, my precious #MintyMuse! What turned out to be a simple observational study quickly became my casually insane obsession. As I would dissect her outfits, I would see clothes and accessories that related to my personal style and began to infuse some ideas into my own wardrobe. “This is fun stuff! This couldn’t be the only #MintyMuse out there”, I thought, “There must be more!”.  So this is where I ask all of my fellow fashion obsessed style seekers out there for a little help. I am putting a bounty out for these stylish baes. Keep your eyes peeled for more #MintyMuses roaming around out in the wild.  These fashion chameleons are everywhere but you must look carefully at the outfits and they will emerge out of the foggy mist of the urban landscape.  When you spot one, quickly snap a shot and hashtag #MintyMuse…you will be properly rewarded!

Stay tuned for more bounty rewards…