Minty Jungle Picks of The Week

We’re all about lookin’ out for our girls. So, the Minty Jungle team has picked a few of our fave styles to keep your closet on trend. Check out each style along with why we love ’em! Click the photos to shop now!

California Gold Sequin Crop Top
We absolutely love this marijuana leaf inspired top! Why do we love it so much? One word: SPARKLES! This fun top is perfect for the night life. The fact that you can wear it out dancing makes this little number a stand-out piece. We paired this cool top with a pencil skirt, but you can def rock this look with a pair of high-waisted bottoms and your favorite boots!


Sweetheart Lace Slip Shorts
These bad boys can not only be sexy, but totally sweet! It all depends on what look you’re feelin’. Pair it up with a fuzzy sweater for more of a sweet girly look, or a raw edge crop top for more of that edgy vibe!


Cutesy Cat Eared Knit Beanie
We all know that beanies can fix a bad hair day in an instant. Why not keep it quirky and throw on some awesome cat ears while you’re at it! This style has been such a hit, that we cant get enough of it! This fun accessory looks great with pretty much anything. Dress it up by pairing it with a skater skirt, a cute crop top and some heels. You can even grunge it down by pairing it with a flannel, some distressed skinny jeans and a pair of combat boots! Either way, we guarantee cuteness no matter what!


Minty Muse: Miss Alissa

Another Minty Muse has done it again! Miss Alissa (@missalissa), actress, model, and blogger extraordinaire totally rocked out our Over The Rainbow Kimono (still available) and posted the whole look on her blog. I must say.. the pastels of her hair combined with the kimono came out perfectly! We love the touch of cool grays that she brought to the shoot.

Check out her awesome blog HERE!

IMG_8260 IMG_8259



Photographer: Phillip Van Nostrand (@phillipvn)

Essy Noir x Minty Jungle

If you haven’t heard of this super cutie, you should be ashamed of yourself! Meet Essy, an LA-based fashion blogger who travels to and from Tokyo! We absolutely love this Minty Muse. We just adore everything from her hair to her fashion sense– talk about perfection! This 20 year old little fashionista knows how to wear her stuff right :D :D :D. We love her mix and match of sporty and girly. Check out her blog post and outfit HERE!

Essy is wearing our Floral Gridline Collared Crop Top. Get it ASAP HERE!