Minty Muse: LA LifeStyle Blogger Therubyelement

Say Hello to Minty Muse, Ruby Park aka @therubyelement! We recently did a rad collab with this LA based fashion influencer! Check out our Instagram to see the deets! We’re obsessed with her sophisticated, yet edgy style. We totally love with the way she styled our Criss Cross My Heart High Waisted Shorts ;) Ruby likes to stay in the black and white zone, with the occasional pop of color! We just can’t get enough!

Minty Muse: Cali Fashion Blogger @xjamiebn

Say hello to our newest Minty Muse, Jamie also known as @xjamiebn! This blogger babe hails from sunny California. Jamie is defiantly a SoCal girl and you can definitely tell by her super fun style. Her style is perfectly girly, beachy, boho, and laid back– which is what SoCal is all about! Check out how she styled our Lattice Low Cut Peplum Top and find more fashion inspiration on her Insta.

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage

Minty Jungle Picks of The Week

We’re all about lookin’ out for our girls. So, the Minty Jungle team has picked a few of our fave styles to keep your closet on trend. Check out each style along with why we love ’em! Click the photos to shop now!

California Gold Sequin Crop Top
We absolutely love this marijuana leaf inspired top! Why do we love it so much? One word: SPARKLES! This fun top is perfect for the night life. The fact that you can wear it out dancing makes this little number a stand-out piece. We paired this cool top with a pencil skirt, but you can def rock this look with a pair of high-waisted bottoms and your favorite boots!


Sweetheart Lace Slip Shorts
These bad boys can not only be sexy, but totally sweet! It all depends on what look you’re feelin’. Pair it up with a fuzzy sweater for more of a sweet girly look, or a raw edge crop top for more of that edgy vibe!


Cutesy Cat Eared Knit Beanie
We all know that beanies can fix a bad hair day in an instant. Why not keep it quirky and throw on some awesome cat ears while you’re at it! This style has been such a hit, that we cant get enough of it! This fun accessory looks great with pretty much anything. Dress it up by pairing it with a skater skirt, a cute crop top and some heels. You can even grunge it down by pairing it with a flannel, some distressed skinny jeans and a pair of combat boots! Either way, we guarantee cuteness no matter what!


Top Gifts For the Minty Party Girl

The holidays are approaching and everyone is breaking their heads in what gifts to get! Well we’ve researched the top gifting sweets for any girl who likes to dress up go out and party!!


The cocktail recipe book with a literary twist!



This cute little cocktail book features all the ingredients you need for recipe drinks, however instead of using your typical drink names, this scriptures feature the names of famous literary stories into the recipes! cute right ? get it HERE!

Comic Coasters

So these delightful coasters will definitely charm all your guests :P every single one of these dollies has a very polite phrase for every one of your guests check them out HERE !

DIY Apple Chips

apple chipsapplechips3

Surely everyone out there loves DIYs…. well here is a perfect one for the holidays and perfect to bring as a gift to any party!

You will need :

  • 2 apples
  • Cinnamon

1. slice up your apples, they all need to be pretty much the same size or close to it!
2. you can cut out the cores as an optional step
3. Sparkle cinnamon and rub it into the apples
4. place your apples in a baking sheet in a 190 degree oven and let them bake for 3-6 hrs! (since thats a broad range of time test them out every hr to see how thick they are!)

Yummy Lip Balm

lip_20balm---1_original copy

During the cold weather it is very important to keep your lips hydrated and what a better way with a yummy lip balm! Try these Hershey lip balms!

Hangover Prevention Brews

Hangover Prevention BrewsYes…. Youce read correctly, there is a cure for hangover ! I wish I wouldve known when I was in college :/ Anyways, i’m glad I know it know. This brew is aimed to prevent the hangover before you even start drinking. What this marvelous product does is break up the acetaldehyde–a toxic bi-product of alcohol (not sure what all of this means, but this is the s@#$% thats gives you headaches) having that said…. you drink this and you dont have any more headaches or other outcomes of too much alchocol, yay!!! Shop for MERCY HERE

The Ultimate Tequila Set

Refined Party-Starting Shooters

You know the party gets good when there is tequila involved, better yet a pretty tequila set. This fancy shot glasss set comes with 6 shot glasses and a small tray for limes and salt. You can now impress your party guests by having  the whole thing prepared as they arrive ! Get the tequila set HERE!

Diamonds are forever cross body bag


The diamonds are forever cross-body bag, this lovely item was featurned in as one of the top gifts to give ! If its good for them, its good for us !! Get it HERE

W For Westside Pullover Sweater


This cute style is one of our winter faves! Why? you might ask? Well not only it has a cool graphic all throughout but also the length in this makes it perfect to wear as a sweater dress or as a sweater top ! You can also dress it up by wearing some stockings  and heels or dress it down with a beanie and some combat boots ! Get this style HERE !

Poison Ivy Sequin T-Shirt Dress


Our Poison Ivy T-shirt Dress is definitely a popular choice no-a-days….. IDK if its the sequins all throughout, the simple T-shirt silhouette, or the perfect length that makes this a perfect holiday party dress! Get it now HERE !


Minty Muse Monday : I hate Blonde

Greetings to all minty muses out there! Today we decided to share a style from a very special gal: Rachel Lynch, you all might know her as her alias IhateBlonde

Check out the pics from one of her latest posts, this lovely minty muse and blogger is wearing the Adios Hooded Crop Sweatshirt and Sweat it off Adios Jogger Pants!

I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde

Photos by Brittany Taylor

Why We Love: Rad Plaid


As the holiday season approaches, so does the need to find the perfect outfit that works for the festivities to come.  Plaid is a great choice for the holiday season for several reasons. Aside from its skirt-rockin’ Gaelic warrior roots, plaid sends many messages of holiday cheer with a tinge of grunge attitude!

Every girl should own at least one style celebrating the plaid pattern! So, we’ve decided to show you some super rad plaid outfits that would be perfect for these upcoming holidays. Click on your favorite style to shop it on Minty Jungle!




Pin Me Up Plaid Matching Set

As we all know, matching sets have been a hit for the past few seasons. Why not treat yourself to a sweet new set with some plaid flare? This style features an unforgettable royal blue plaid print with bold black accents all throughout. The cut and sew panel detailing, both on the bustier and on the midi skirt, gives this ensemble a cool edginess. The skirt features a front slit, back zipper closure, and finished hem. Let’s not forget functionality, ladies!– this super sexy bustier top features a built in cup, panel detailing, adjustable straps, and back zipper closure.

So how do we rock this particular pretty plaid style for the rad winter parties? Well, this royal blue hue along with its pattern would look sick with a punk style faux leather jacket. Throw in a few safety pins, and you’re ready to rock the holidays proper. Pair this whole set with your favorite strappy heels or a pair of chunky booties for a more casual street look…What?! Check out how we finished the look!


Plaid About You Chamrbay


Who doesn’t like a denim chambray shirt and a classic button up flannel? Well, how about a combination to bring you some double happiness this season? Sounds good to me! Why have separate styles when you can have two in one? This super cool button up shirt features a classic collar, an acid wash denim chambray front, and a bold plaid flannel contrast back with printed sporty numbers to show some team spirit!

Edge up this style by layering it with a bold crop top or bralette and finish it of with a beanie or your trendiest snap-back for the funk of it.  For more of a grunge look, slide on those black destroyed jeans and tie this button up around your waist! Oh, and don’t forget to wear your favorite pair of Chucks or Dr. Martens!

Holiday Plaid Zipper Dress


We mentioned a matching plaid set before, but how can we go one step further? Well, this gorgeous plaid set zips up into a one piece dress! What?! YASSS! This style features a cropped top with a round neckline, 3/4 sleeves, back zipper closure, and a gold zippered hem. The midi skirt features a gold zippered waistband to connect to the crop top and back zipper closure. Bam! You can shift gears from family dinner with grandma to the biggest, baddest holiday party with just a pull of a zipper! Finish this look with some army boots, minimal gold accents, wild hair, and an over-sized black clutch… pure bad-ass! Here’s how we accessorized the look!


So there you have it, ladies and gents! Which outfit do you dare to wear? Whether you wear this fit to your next holiday party or just a night out on the town, we know you’ll rock it just right.